Pioneer Communications, Inc is a United States based company, registered in the State of Delaware. Its principal address is at 15500 Erwin Street, Suite 4007 Van Nuys, California, 91411. Pioneer Communications, Inc was established on April 2000 to provide high quality voice and data services with specific market niches in the United States and other countries.
Pioneer Communications, LLC is a Federal Communication (FCC) 214 licensed carrier that can terminate traffic into the Philippines from the United States and other pre-identified areas in the retail market. Its switching office is located at the One Wilshire Building, 624 S. Grand Avenue,  4th Flr S-2, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Pioneer Communications main thrust is the development and marketing of alternative rechargeable pre-paid phone card services focusing on the large Filipino-American communities based in the US.  Since our establishment, we have grown to be the most affordable, most reliable rechargeable phone card in the United States. We have captured a significant market share in the highly competitive prepaid phone cards market by offering our clients value for money, digital clear, high-quality voice service backed up by a 24 hour live, effective and multi-lingual customer service team.
Pioneer Communications, Inc
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